Sunday , September 26 2021
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Tobacco Control

Cigarette Tax Strategy

Why People Smoke? People smoke because they like to smoke and they can afford to smoke. Their decisions to buy cigarettes are influenced by price of cigarettes and their available income. Economists describe affordability as the percentage of a worker’s income or duration of work time required to buy the …

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Cost Of Cigarette Smoking

Cigarettes and Impacts Cigarette is just a thin cylinder paper filled with a fine cut tobacco leaves for smoking. However this small item is or will be able to give pleasure, relieve stress and some might addict to it. Tobacco Atlas, 2012 reported about 5.9 trillion cigarettes smoked in 2009. …

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How Smoking Harm Our Nation?

We often hear that our nation’s vision is to achieve developed nation status by 2020. What Does It Mean If We Become A Developed Nation? A developed nation is one which could guarantee high standard of living for its people. Also could guarantee the welfare of current generation as well …

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Not Easy To Smoke In Malaysia

United Nations in their Millennium Declaration 2000 has identified tobacco as the second leading cause of death in developed and developing countries. Tobacco also accounts for a large portion of the disease burden in developing countries, and currently ranked fourth in the world in its contribution to years of life …

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